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Below is a list of commonly asked questions about assisted living facilities. Don’t see your question? Contact us today!

Q: Are the smaller assisted living communities licensed in the same manner that larger communities are licensed?
A: Yes. All communities in the state of Florida that are classified as “Assisted Living Facilities” (ALF) are required to undergo the same process with the Agency for Health Care Administration in order to obtain licensure.

Q: What type of care/help is provided in an assisted living community?
A: The type and extent of care/help may differ from community to community depending on several factors. However, most communities provide care/help in the area of activities for daily living. Most commonly are meal preparation, medication management, daily oversight, assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming and incontinence.

Q: Does Medicare cover the cost of care in an Assisted Living Community?
A: Medicare covers the cost of “skill related services” only, which is generally defined as:  nursing services, physical therapy, occupation therapy, speech therapy and social services. Generally speaking, “skill related services” are provided by an outsourced agency that will go to the Assisted Living Community on an “as needed” basis and for abbreviated time periods.

Q: Does your coalition have Spanish speaking communities?
A: Yes. The coalition is comprised of all types of communities. We can meet almost any need when it comes to culture preference.

Q: If I place my spouse in an Assisted Living Facility, will we be required to sell our home?
A: An assisted living community will not require you to sell your home. However, some families have used the equity in their homes to help pay for the cost of living in an assisted living facility. This is an area that should be discussed with an Elder Law Attorney or a Financial Planner.  Allow us to utilize our resources within the Coalition to find an Elder Law Attorney or Financial Planner for you.

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