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Memory Loss senior options

Memory care is one of the specialized areas offered in some assisted living facilities for those suffering from memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease or a specific form of dementia. As Alzheimer’s disease or dementia progresses, the care and assistance that your Mom or Dad or loved one requires increases which may eventually require 24-hour supervised care.

Commonly, memory care residents need help with their daily activities such as taking their medications, bathing, grooming, eating and other routine tasks. Residents may live in a semi-private or private room and have structured, personalized activities tailored to them. With the advantages of technology, some communities have the ability to allow family members to participate, monitor and engage with their loved one “remotely” regardless of the distance.

Memory care facilities will have a larger staff to resident ratio with specially trained professionals to ensure the safety of all residents. The type of care giving received is essential and must be carefully managed.

When considering a memory care facility, whether in Florida or outside of Florida, there are important memory care questions to ask the community. We’ve provided a checklist, tips and a useful guide to help find the community with the services you need on our References page. We work to find a safe and secure place that will allow your loved one to live the lifestyle they deserve.

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