The holidays are hectic and can be a stressful time of year. With all the hustle and bustle and activity going on during the holiday season, it’s important to remember why we celebrate and to spend time with your elderly loved one or that special senior in your life. As many have lost a spouse or friends through the years, this time of year is often difficult for them. Make the holidays special for seniors.

This year, give the gift of your time by simply spending time with the seniors in your life. There are many ways to include the seniors in your holiday festivities, here are a just a few:

Help Put Up Decorations for the Holidays

If your elderly loved one doesn’t live in your home, they may not put up decorations themselves as it’s too much trouble or they are not physically able. That doesn’t mean they don’t want them up. Gather the family, get a tree and decorations and help put them up in their home or place of residence.

Jewish families can decorate for Chanukah. Set up a Menorah and table decorations in blue and gold featuring dreidles and gelt. On the first night of Chanukah, bring some latkes and sufganiyot made from your loved one’s favorite recipes and have a festive party to light the first candle.

Make Tree Decorations

Your loved one may remember making homemade decorations for their Christmas tree when they were young. Go through some craft books or search online and find a few that you can make together. When the decorations are finished, hang them on the tree and take a photo to capture the memory.

Have a Holiday Sing-a-long

Invite other family members and close friends over for a night of singing carols and having refreshments.  Record or video the sing-a-long as a special keepsake.

Have a Story Night

Seniors often have entertaining stories about the holidays when they were growing up. This is a good time for your children to learn what holidays were like years ago before the digital age. Encourage questions so your elderly loved one can share the wealth of knowledge they have. To add to the specialness of this time, serve cookies, pie or whatever you like along with hot cocoa or hot spiced apple cider. If your senior family member is capable, have them help make these treats using their favorite recipes.

Take a Drive to See Lights and Holiday Decorations

This is typically a holiday favorite as everyone enjoys driving around and seeing all the colorful holiday lights around town.  Seniors often miss out on this, especially if they no longer drive. Invite your loved one to go with you to see the lights around town and in the neighborhoods. Afterwards, stop for a hot beverage and talk about the different decorations you saw on your ride. Or, if a car ride isn’t possible, take photos of the lights in your area that can be shared with them.

Go to a Holiday Concert or Pageant

During the holidays, pageants and concerts are held almost nightly. Get a listing of the events in your area and let your loved one choose one or two to attend. Make it an event for the whole family or just a special time for just you and your loved one to spend time together. Afterward, remiss about a special holiday event that is near and dear to their heart.

We hope you take one or all of these ideas to make this holiday season extra special with your special senior in your life. As always, if we can be of assistance, please contact us today.  We wish you and your family a blessed holiday season.