Many Seniors prefer to remain in their own homes after retirement but many are choosing to live in retirement communities. Often, seniors begin their “golden years” in the homes they raised their children in but find later on in life that they are not able to do all the things they had planned because of the time and money it takes to maintain a home.

Homes require maintenance and though our parents might have been able to do much of it themselves when they were younger, they now need to hire professionals to do it. This takes time and money they had hoped to spend traveling or just enjoying hobbies.

They also find that neighborhoods change over the years and now do not have the company of people in their own age range in the neighborhood of where they live. Though they have people all around them, it’s likely that they no longer have much in common with most of them.

The great news is that seniors are finding that retirement communities can provide them just what they are looking for and what they need to make their retirement years more pleasant. We have listed below a few of the reasons seniors are choosing retirement living in communities.

Time to Enjoy Themselves

No matter what type of retirement community they choose, they have more freedom to travel or indulge in hobbies. Without the responsibilities of living in their own home, seniors are finally able to take trips when they wish and often find others with the same interests to travel with them in a group tour. Sharing interests in the same hobbies is another benefit. Though seniors may know others who enjoyed the same hobbies, it’s likely that it wasn’t convenient to get together with them. In retirement communities, those people are nearby and are looking for company as well.

Seniors who like to socialize with others in their age range are better able to do so. Retirement communities often have activities scheduled that make socializing easy. These activities may include bingo, card games, movie nights, live music and entertainment and more. Trips to local attractions or events and shopping are often available as well. Some seniors find there is more than enough to do – staying busy and boredom is never a problem.

Living Among Others in the Same Age Range

As mentioned above, seniors often find their old neighborhoods have changed, leaving them with few people they can relate to. Retirement communities put them among other seniors that they have more in common with. New friendships with people who enjoy the same events and activities as they do makes the transition to retirement living easier.


Feeling secure is important to seniors and their families. Retirement communities are more secure than the neighborhoods they moved from. This is often simply due to staff being present around the clock. With a more secure feeling, seniors have less worry and stress.

Options for More Care Available

As people age, cooking every meal isn’t always feasible or desired. Many retirement communities have apartments with small kitchens for those times residents do want to cook or bake and have a dining room that serves meals so when residents don’t want to cook their own meals, they don’t have to. Some seniors seldom cook their own meals, especially when the dining room is like eating in a fine restaurant and you are waited on hand and foot.

When seniors need help, such as when an elderly resident falls or needs help with medications, staff is available to provide the help needed. Many services may be available that could include housecleaning, laundry, transportation and etc.

We could list more reasons seniors are choosing retirement living here but there are so many that it would take a while to list them all. If you are considering retirement living for yourself or a loved one, please give the Small Assisted Living Facilities Coalition a call or click here and we will be glad to talk more about why seniors choose retirement living as a way for better living.