As our older loved ones age, they need more assistance and care. It may not be possible for them to remain at home but they are not ready to give up their independence either. Is it time for Assisted Living or Nursing Home Care? It may be the perfect answer to get the care needed while allowing as much independence as possible.

Assisted Living for seniors offers as much or as little assistance and care as each person needs. In every case, the focus is on the safety, health and comfort of our senior loved ones. Rooms in Assisted Living facilities are designed to allow residents to have some of their own furniture arranged the way they want it.  Some rooms are meant for double occupancy by a husband and wife or an unrelated resident as a roommate which can also be a cost savings alternative.  Seniors are able to live comfortably without the worry of being alone should something happen as help is available within minutes around the clock.

The services available to individuals residing in assisted living facilities varies.  If a resident requires help with bathing, personal grooming, getting dressed and/or getting the right medications at the right times, trained personnel are there to provide it.  If a ride to a doctor’s appointment or other appointment is needed, a car, van or bus is available to provide transportation.  Typically, vans and buses are usually outfitted for those with walkers or wheelchairs.

Delicious and healthy meal options are provided as part of the service so seniors are able to have good nutritious meals without having to do the work.  Seniors will have more opportunities for socialization than when they were in their own homes. Crafts, games and music as well as exercise programs are made available to those who wish to take advantage of the planned activities.  Outings to events, to the park for a picnic or just out for an afternoon of shopping are planned on a regular basis.

What is the difference between Assisted Living and Nursing Home senior care?

Nursing homes offer some of the same amenities to residents that they can take advantage of that are provided by Assisted Living facilities, however, nursing home facilities provide 24 hour care by licensed and registered nurses (clinical) while assisted living provides “communal living” and services to assist with daily living as needed.  Privacy is reduced and most residents are in smaller rooms that allow for little of their own furniture.  Residents in nursing homes are less able to be independent so staff, often nurses, do more of the care.  Assisted Living encourages residents to do as much for themselves as they are able to do.

What are the signs to look for when it is time for your loved one to move into an assisted living or a nursing home facility is a common question that we are often asked?  If your loved one is isolated from the company of others because they can no longer get out and about on their own, it may be time.  Also, not having good meals because cooking is not something they can do anymore or if they are having a hard time remembering which medications to take when.  If bathing, grooming and getting dressed are becoming too difficult to do on their own, assistance on a regular basis is appropriate.  All of these examples are signs that it may be time to consider assisted living or nursing home care.

Finding the right community based on your family needs is our specialty.  Regardless of what city or part of the country you are in, we will provide you with the best options and resources you need to choose the right type of care and residence for your needs.  Please contact us at www.smallalfcoalition/contact-us.