Making the Right Care Choices for Your Elderly Loved Ones

There once was a time when the only choices were to move senior family members in with you or into a nursing home. Now there are more choices, including finding the right assisted living service or other senior care service for your needs. Getting help and advice from someone who knows and understands the various options is so important since it is someone you love who needs the best and most appropriate care possible.

With choices such as home care, independent living, assisted living, memory care and nursing home care, it can be a confusing maze of choices. As loving, sometimes over protective family members, we can be too subjective as far as the needs of our elderly are concerned. It helps to have someone who can be more objective yet caring to evaluate the needs of not only your loved ones but also the entire family. On one hand, we can be in denial of how much care is needed but on the other, we might think they need more than they do. This can be especially true when it is both parents needing senior care services.

Working with the Small ALF Coalition, you will find caring people to help you assess the degree of care needed and to find the right community to provide the assisted living or senior service needed. As much as possible, the senior loved ones’ are included in the process since it is they who will be most affected. For as long as possible, they should be part of any decisions regarding their living situation and care. It makes a big difference in how well they adjust to the changes and how they do overall.

Elderly who are able to do many things for themselves may do best with home care or independent living. When a bit more care is needed than those options can provide, assisted living is a better option as it still allows seniors more control over their care than more institutional options. Elderly with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia would be better served with memory care. They would have services especially designed to keep their minds as healthy as possible as they are given tasks and opportunities to engage with others. When our loved ones can no longer care for themselves at all and family members are not able to give the twenty-four hour dedicated care they may need, it may be time to consider a nursing home to provide the skilled care needed for the health and safety of our elderly.

With so many factors to consider, it is a relief to know that this is what the Small ALF Coalition does all with the goal of helping you and your family make the best decision. The Small ALF Coalition provides the help you need at no cost to you.  We know the senior care services industry inside and out and have built solid reputations for providing the best care possible for families and their senior loved ones.   Please contact us at www.smallalfcoalition/contact-us for more information.  We would be honored to assist you.